Ryan Corrigan

Ryan Corrigan

Vice President of Strategy


Since joining Bernhard in 2018, Ryan has specialized in the development and financing of public-private partnership agreements. He has worked with clients to increase system reliability on higher education, healthcare, industrial, local and municipal campuses. These projects have unlocked value in existing utility systems to help leverage large-scale improvement projects.

Ryan formerly served as Chief Operating Officer of St. Louis-based 8760 Engineering before the firm merged with Bernhard in 2018. In his position as Vice President of Strategy, Ryan works across Bernhard's four divisions to develop and implement data-driven policies, procedures, and strategic plans that are designed to ensure the organization is meeting its long-term goals and objectives.

Ryan sits on the board of directors for the Missouri Energy Initiative, is the past president of the St. Louis Chapter of the Association of Energy Engineers, was a technical advisor to the ASHRAE GPC 36 committee, is a preliminary judge for Arch Grants and founded the non-profit agency Strange Cares.

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